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Remedywear boxer brief showing the fit on a model with a white background. Back of white Remedywear boxers on a model.
Remedywear™ (TENCEL + Zinc) MEN'S Boxer Briefs
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Remedywear™ (TENCEL + Zinc) Hypoallergenic Bra Remedywear™ (TENCEL + Zinc) Hypoallergenic Bra
Woman wearing a pair of organic cotton gloves for adults in white. Close up of the palm of a pair of white cotton gloves.
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Girl smiling at camera while wearing a teal Remedywear camisole for treating eczema on the chest. Girl facing away from the camera while wearing a Remedywear tank top.
Remedywear™ (TENCEL + Zinc) Camisole Layering Tank Top for Kids
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Boy in red and yellow striped pajamas wearing white organic cotton gloves for kids. Girl in blue striped pajamas hugging knees to chest and wearing white cotton gloves.
100% Organic Cotton Gloves for Kids - 2 Pack
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Wet Wrapping for Eczema Therapy

Wet wrap therapy is a very effective treatment to provide relief for moderate to severe eczema and psoriasis. Wrapping the skin with damp fabric wraps can greatly reduce atopic dermatitis flare ups, stop the itch scratch cycle and hydrate dry skin.

How does wet wrap therapy work?

Take a bath to soak the skin without soap, just water or bath oil works great. Then, layer your eczema flares with an emollient to moisturize the skin. Next, cover your skin with a damp layer of fabric – this can be gauze, a bandage, cotton gloves or form-fitting clothing to lock in the moisture and increase absorption. Finally, cover your body with a dry layer of clothing to complete the wrap treatment. To see the best reduction in eczema symptoms, allow the therapy to work for a minimum of 2 hours, or overnight. Speak to your dermatologist before using any medications or steroid cream with this type of eczema treatment.

Are you wondering where to buy wet wraps for eczema?

We have a great selection of various fabrics and clothing styles right here that can be used very effectively for wet wrapping.

Learn all about wet dressings in our guide: