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Eczema is tough. I understand. I’ve been there with my son. It felt impossibly hard, but we found relief and healing and you can too.

Years ago, my son Tristan suffered from terrible eczema. At only 3 years old, he was covered head to toe in red, itchy, dry skin that was inflamed and extremely painful looking.

I desperately searched for answers and tried everything I could to help him. My husband and I argued constantly about the best way to treat our son’s skin. Physicians encouraged us to apply ever increasing strengths of topical medication to his angry looking skin. But his skin continued to get worse. Something didn’t feel right.

It was when I hit rock bottom, crying all day and night, not sleeping in order to prevent my son from scratching, and feeling so hopeless when conventional medicine didn’t work for us, that I decided to look into healing from within and holistic treatments.

We tried countless herbal eczema creams, eczema clothing and a variety of natural and holistic treatments before we started to see healing. We also learned he had many pollen allergies, food allergies and food sensitivities (through an elimination diet) which exacerbated his flare-ups. Removing those triggers was huge for us. You can learn more about our journey to healing here.

Out of research and my own trials, I discovered a variety of natural skincare and gentle, protective clothing that helped Tristan’s skin.

In 2011, I started The Eczema Company, selling those very same products, in hopes of bringing you and your loved one’s relief from eczema.

I know firsthand how unbelievably difficult eczema can be both physically and emotionally. While everyone’s skin is unique and has specific needs, I am confident you will find soothing comfort from my carefully curated collection of natural eczema treatments.

Wishing you skin health and happiness!

Jennifer Roberge, Founder of The Eczema Company

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