It's simple - soak and seal. Wet wrapping is when you soak the skin in water, then seal with a moisturizer and damp clothing to hydrate the skin for an extended period of time. Here's how to do it in 6 easy steps!

  1. Soak in lukewarm bath water for 15-20 minutes. No soap!
  2. Towel dry and seal the skin with a natural eczema cream.
  3. Dampen some form-fitting wet wraps and cover the skin, we love Remedywear™ clothing for eczema that is made with TENCEL and embedded-zinc fibers for an added anti-inflammatory boost.
  4. Cover with a dry layer of looser fitting clothing like these in 100% cotton.
  5. Leave the damp clothing on for at least two hours up to overnight (as long as the damp layer stays damp.)
  6. Remove the clothing and moisturize the skin again.

This whole process can be repeated 2-3 times per day for a few days.

Nothing provides quick eczema relief like wet wrap therapy! Wet wrapping also works well for psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, and dermatomyositis. Another great option is dry wrapping - give it a try.

For long-term healing, please read our tips in How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally.

Please note: No steroids or medications of any kind should be used when wet wrapping unless recommended by your physician.