Boy in red and yellow striped pajamas wearing white organic cotton gloves for kids.
Girl in blue striped pajamas hugging knees to chest and wearing white cotton gloves.
Close up of the gusset around thumb on a white glove.
100% Organic Cotton Gloves for Kids - 2 Pack
Sizing chart for the organic cotton gloves for kids.
natural colour kid eczema cotton gloves

Cotton Comfort

100% Organic Cotton Gloves for Kids - 2 Pack

Sale price$35.99
Size:90-100cm (2-4Y)

Cotton Gloves for Kids

Unlike your standard kids cotton gloves, these gloves are made with care and for comfort. Made specifically with skin health in mind, the extra long length will protect the wrists from scratching and irritation. There are no uncomfortable seams around the base of the thumb or on palm of the hand and tapered inserts between the fingers ensure fingers don’t feel squashed.

Try these cotton gloves for kids to protect and treat dry, cracked skin, as well as those who are suffering from hand eczema, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • No allergy inducing chemicals or pesticides
  • Extra long to cover past wrists
  • Tapered inserts between fingers to ensure fingers are not squished
  • Perfect to use for dry or wet wrap therapy
  • Machine washable
  • Pack of 2 pairs

We also offer kid’s gloves in breathable TENCEL and zinc.