Infant with splotchy eczema on the forehead.
child eczema

5 Natural Eczema Treatments for Babies!

Seeing little ones suffer from baby eczema can be extremely heartbreaking. Between trying to find the right treatments for their sensitive skin, limiting their scratching and getting them to not wa...
little girl putting cream on arm
child eczema

The Best Children’s Eczema Treatment

As a parent or caregiver, it’s very difficult to watch your child suffering from itchy, red eczema. Even after multiple trips to the doctor and countless creams and ointments, you may feel powerles...
baby with acne on cheeks
child eczema

Eczema or Baby Acne: Which Is It?

Baby acne and baby eczema are two common skin conditions typically affecting babies when they are between one and six months old. As both cause rash-like patches on the skin, it can be tricky to di...
close up shot of rash on cheek
child eczema

Eczema Herpeticum: What You Need to Know

What is eczema herpeticum? What are the options for eczema herpeticum treatment? Learn all about this condition that is actually much more common than you think. Eczema Herpeticum: What to Watch Fo...
baby's head with cradle cap
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How to Treat Infant Seborrheic Dermatitis and Cradle Cap

Is your little one suffering from a dry, itchy scalp? Similarly to adults with seborrheic dermatitis, little ones can suffer from infant seborrheic dermatitis. Discover some of the most natural inf...
person holding little baby's head
child eczema

4 Types of Baths for Babies with Eczema

Seeing your little one suffer from eczema is never easy. With so many labelled treatments, natural remedies and promises, it's difficult to determine what to try next. Have you ever thought of an e...