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Benefits of TENCEL™ Clothing for Eczema

Eczema, a chronic skin condition characterized by patches of dry, red, and itchy skin, affects around 10-20% of the population. Due to a damaged skin barrier, people suffering from eczema have extra sensitive skin which is easily irritated by soaps, environmental factors, chemicals found in beauty products — and even clothing.

An allergic reaction to clothing is known as textile dermatitis. Thankfully, there’s a natural fabric on the market called TENCEL™ that not only prevents eczema flare-ups, but also helps boost the healing process.

In this post, we’ll explore the features of TENCEL™ fabric and discuss what makes TENCEL™ clothing for eczema so effective at soothing symptoms.

Please keep in mind that although what we discuss in this post can relieve eczema, we are in no way medical professionals. If you’re experiencing severe eczema symptoms like an infection, it is best to seek medical advice immediately.

Why Hypoallergenic Clothing is Important

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand how the clothes you wear can have an effect on your skin. Clothing constantly comes into direct contact with your body, making many fabrics (or the chemical additives used in processing these fabrics) a top eczema trigger. Common fabrics known to cause a rash or a negative reaction include:

  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Spandex
  • Rubber
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Latex

Wearing eczema-friendly clothing can help prevent irritation and reduce inflammation. If you have eczema prone skin, soft, breathable fabrics with moisture wicking properties are best.

What is TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly, natural fiber that is made of renewable wood pulp. Its fibers are known for their natural comfort and their ability to be blended with a variety of textile fibers, including cotton, polyester, wool, and silk, to enhance their softness.

TENCEL™ for Eczema

What makes TENCEL™ so great at treating eczema? To start with, it’s extremely soft and gentle to the skin. In comparison to other fabrics, which have a tendency to stiffen as they dry, TENCEL™ stays soft when used for wet-wrapping. Its gentle touch is a huge benefit to eczema sufferers whose skin is sensitive to fabrics that rub or chafe, such as nylon or spandex.

TENCEL™ also inhibits the growth of bacteria. This is a great feature for eczema sufferers, as scratching can greatly increase the risk of infection, especially if the skin cracks or bleeds.

In addition, TENCEL™ is naturally itch suppressing.

As itching is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of eczema, this is a huge benefit! With TENCEL™, you can combat the urge to itch during day or night just by changing what you wear. Although many people report immediate relief wearing TENCEL™ dry, we wholeheartedly suggest using it in wet wrap therapy as well.

Finally, one of the best features that really sets this fabric apart from others is its ability to efficiently absorb moisture. Compared to cotton, TENCEL™ holds 50% more moisture, making it an excellent choice for those with chronically dry skin. In fact, TENCEL™’s superb ability to hold water is what makes it so effective for wet wrapping.

Recommended TENCEL Clothing for Eczema

Remedywear™ offers a range of hypoallergenic clothing for people of all ages who suffer from eczema or other skin conditions. Unlike other eczema clothing, its TENCEL™ fibers are spun together with Smartcel™ Sensitive fibers (a combination of TENCEL™ and anti-inflammatory zinc) to help reduce inflammation and support healing. Free from dyes and irritating fabrics such as latex, nylon, and nickel, Remedywear clothing is designed to provide soft and breathable comfort.

Use of Remedywear can also significantly improve quality of life in patients who have atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, or other itchy skin conditions. Dermatologists in one recent study [1] have found that a group of patients with atopic dermatitis noted less redness and itching as well as improved sleep quality after using TENCEL® clothing embedded with zinc from Smartcel™ Sensitive.

Here are some of our favourites Remedyweargarments:

Remedywear™ Bandages

These eczema sleeves made for both adults and kids offer healing properties to hard to treat areas like behind-the-knee or on the elbows. Because they're stretchy and have moisture-wicking sweat control, they can easily be worn (and hidden) under everyday clothing.

Remedywear™ Long Sleeve Shirt

This comfortable long-sleeve shirt, available for adults and kids, was specifically made to beat the urge to scratch. Created with the perfect amount of stretch, it’s easy to layer, making it ideal for wearing underneath regular clothing during the day. You can also wear it as pajamas during the night thanks to its moisture-wicking properties that help prevent sweaty irritation or chafing.

Remedywear™ Long Pants

Also available for adults and kids, these form-fitting Remedywear pants help combat itchy symptoms while boosting the healing process by inhibiting bacterial growth. They’re great for treating eczema on the thighs, legs, buttocks, calves. With a legging-like fit, they truly fit like a second skin!

Remedywear™ Socks

These mid-calf TENCEL™/lyocell socks are great for adults and kids who suffer from foot eczema irritation. Find relief for dryness, foot eczema blisters, or peeling skin. The best part is that even with frequent use, the socks will maintain their shape.

Remedywear™ Fingerless Gloves

These gloves for kids and adults are perfect for protecting palms and wrists, as well as offering moisture-wicking sweat control some hands so desperately need. Can be worn during the day for contact dermatitis or worn overnight to prevent further scratching.

Remedywear™ Bras

Our Remedywear shelf bras are hypoallergenic and cooling. No risk of overheating while wearing one of these! They are a great option for chest or nipple eczema.


[1] Wiegand, 2013, Skin-protective effects of a zinc oxide-functionalized textile and its relevance for atopic dermatitis. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol; 6: 115–121.


Bio: Laura is a contributor and content developer for The Eczema Company. She is in no way a medical professional. Her comments, suggestions, and reflections are not intended to replace any medical advice. Always seek the help of a medical professional before undertaking any diet or lifestyle changes.