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Treating Sudden Eczema in Adults

Eczema is a chronic, inflammatory condition that causes the skin to be red, dry, and extremely itchy. While you may naturally want to scratch the skin to relieve the itch, this can actually make matters worse. In fact, relentlessly scratching the skin can cause the skin to crack or bleed, which can lead to infection. Although many people develop eczema as a child, sudden eczema in adulthood is also possible.

In this blog, we share helpful information on the sudden onset of eczema in adults, including:

  • What causes sudden eczema in adults
  • Signs and symptoms to watch for
  • Natural remedies
  • The effects of eczema on daily life

To learn more about eczema and how to manage symptoms, read on!

Is Sudden Eczema in Adults Possible?

While eczema commonly affects children, research indicates that sudden adult eczema is on the rise. We classify adult onset eczema as eczema that develops after a person’s 18th birthday. This means a person has had no history of atopic dermatitis in the past. Many adults develop eczema in their 50s. It’s estimated that approximately 12 percent of adults have eczema around the world. The condition more likely to develop in smokers, as well as women from a lower childhood socio-economic group.

What Causes Adult Onset Eczema?

Like with eczema that develops during childhood, the exact cause is unknown. Researchers believe it may be linked to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. For example, irritants that are found in laundry detergents, perfumes, shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetics may negatively affect sensitive skin. Certain fabrics, such as nylon, wool, and spandex, can also trigger symptoms. In addition, flare ups can be triggered by stress, sweat, pet fur, mold, and the food you eat.

Symptoms of Sudden Adult Eczema

Eczema is an inflammatory condition which means that it’s often associated with a red and irritated skin rash. Resulting from a damaged skin barrier that has trouble retaining moisture, it’s also characterized by dry skin. This is what leads to the subsequent itchiness. Although symptoms can vary from person to person, as well as in degrees of severity, here are some common signs to watch out for:

  • Itchiness
  • Rough, leathery patches of skin known as lichenification
  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Skin tenderness
  • Flaking or scaling skin
  • Oozing skin

Living with Eczema as an Adult

Living with eczema can be difficult at any age but can bring a particular set of challenges as an adult. For example, the condition can have negative consequences on a person’s education, self-esteem, and career. The urge to scratch can disrupt sleep patterns, affect a person’s mood, and contribute to daytime fatigue. Nearly 5.9 million workdays are lost annually because of eczema.

Eczema can also significantly restrict a person’s lifestyle, taking a toll on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. People with eczema are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. The physical effects of eczema can heighten a person’s self-consciousness and reduce their sense of attractiveness. According to statistics, nearly half of adults with moderate to severe eczema atopic dermatitis reported that they avoided social interactions because of their appearance while one-third of adults with eczema said that their skin condition interfered with their sex life.

Natural Products to Soothe your Skin

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Adult Scratch Sleeves with Anti Scratch Mitts

Protect your sensitive skin with these silky soft eczema sleeves. They can easily be worn throughout the day or worn over pajamas to help heal the skin overnight. A perfect choice for those with mild to moderate eczema.

Emily Skin Soothers for Red Eczema Rashes

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Let the Healing Begin

If you’ve developed eczema after your 18th birthday and are looking for ways to treat and soothe the skin, give these natural remedies a try today.