person scratching eczema between toes

Say Goodbye to Itchy Eczema on Toes

Are you dealing with itchy eczema between toes? This can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also make it difficult to get through the day. Just think about how often you are standing on your feet! In this post, we’ll go over some symptoms of eczema between toes and provide some helpful suggestions on naturally beating the itch.

Please keep in mind that although what we discuss in this post can relieve eczema, we are not medical professionals. If you're experiencing severe eczema symptoms like an infection, it is best to seek medical advice immediately.

What Does Eczema in Toes Look Like?

Like all types of eczema, eczema between toes may appear red, dry, and flaky. Because eczema is characterized by dry skin, it is often accompanied by itchiness. In the case of dyshidrotic eczema, which is a type of eczema that commonly develops on the toes and soles of the feet, small itchy blisters may develop. These blisters may also be painful. While foot eczema is sometimes mistaken for athlete's foot, it’s important to distinguish between the two conditions. Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal infection that develops between the toes or along the sides of the heel. It is usually picked up in moist places such as a pool deck or communal shower floor.

What Causes Toe Eczema?

Toe eczema can be linked to external and internal factors. Some examples of external triggers include allergens like metals. Unfortunately, many metals are found in everyday objects that you may come into contact with on a daily basis. These include jewelry, zippers, and mobile phones. Seasonal allergies as well as prolonged exposure to water can also cause eczema between toes to develop. Finally, the condition can be triggered by internal factors like stress, hormones, and even an unhealthy gut.

Natural Treatments for Eczema on Toes

We believe it’s best to treat eczema with natural products and heal the body from the inside out. Here are some of our favorite natural treatment options for treating eczema on toes, starting with these soothing Remedywear™ socks available for adults and kids. Made with soft TENCEL and embedded with anti-inflammatory zinc, the mid-calf socks offer a layer of protection to the foot while simultaneously boosting the healing process. To make the most of this natural treatment, we recommend pairing with a cream such as this Conqueror Soothing Eczema Balm. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it’s designed to safely soothe dry and inflamed skin.

If you prefer cotton, check out these hypoallergenic socks that are made with 100% cotton. They’re the perfect choice for anyone with a spandex or latex allergy, contact dermatitis, foot eczema or psoriasis, sensitive skin or itchy feet. Your feet will love their moisture-wicking properties and the soft, soothing feel of the fabric.

We also offer ankle socks that are made with 100% organic cotton. Get ready to step into comfortable relief with allergy-free socks that won’t slip and slide out of the place. They even feature double lining for maximum comfort and absorbency. If you suffer from foot eczema, toe eczema, fungal infections, athletes foot, or psoriasis, give these gentle socks a try and marvel at the difference in your skin.

Lastly, you might like these 100% Organic Cotton Crew Socks for Adults. With their lightweight feel, they're especially great combating eczema or contact dermatitis on the feet during the warmer months. 


Bio: Laura is a contributor and content developer for The Eczema Company. She is in no way a medical professional. Her comments, suggestions, and reflections are not intended to replace any medical advice. Always seek the help of a medical professional before undertaking any diet or lifestyle changes.