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Bottle of organic calendula oil for eczema on a white background.Larger format with pump.
Organic Calendula Oil
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coconut and sunflower oil soap bar sitting next to it's box in kraft cardboard6 coconut and sunflower oil soap bars stacked in a dish with pine cones next to them.
Coconut and Sunflower Oil Soap Bar
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Satya eczema cream glide stick on a white background.3 Photos of a woman's eyes with eczema and how it got better while using Satya.
Satya Eczema Cream
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Eczemol OTC Topical Skin Spray with white backgroundEczemol OTC Topical Eczema Spray with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
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Chinese Herbal Eczema Bundle with one bottle of liquid soap soother, one bar of soap and one jar of bar of emily skin soothers soap
Chinese Herbal Eczema Bundle
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natural skincare product bundle grouped togethernatural laundry detergent
Eczema Skincare Kit - Starter Bundle
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All four bundled products together with a white background. The tallow balm, and three tallow soaps.Jar of the tallow balm on a white background.
Tallow Skincare Bundle
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Gift Card
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Selecting a baby eczema cream can be a nerve-wracking process, but it doesn’t have to be. We believe every eczema treatment for babies should be 100% natural and gentle, but still effective. 

Baby eczema can be such a frustrating skin condition to manage. As parents, all we want is to reduce itching, ease symptoms and provide eczema relief. A baby's already sensitive skin can flare at the slightest bit of minor irritation. Add to that, moisturizing cream often contains essential oils, claiming to reduce inflammation and relieve minor irritation for infant eczema, but these essential oils can be harsh for fragile baby skin and some should be completely avoided. It's a true thrill when your baby's skin responds well to moisturizing cream and future flare ups or skin rash can be prevented. Clear skin is something we dream of as parents. 


All of our products for eczema in babies have been hand selected and approved by an eczema mother with your baby's skin in mind. Whether your little one is suffering from dry skin or a crusty scalp, rest assured that our products are chosen for their sensitive skin friendly ingredients to treat eczema flare ups and prevent skin infections.

Many of our eczema creams have received the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval.

Whether you are seeking to soothe a baby eczema rash, dry skin, baby eczema, or severe eczema, we have the best baby eczema creams to soothe skin inflammation and eczema symptoms like itchy skin.

For further relief for your baby's eczema, check out our eczema clothing for babies and children.